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Why Customers Choose Us

What type of medical products do you supply?

Because of our direct relationships with manufacturers and wholesalers, we have access to any type of medical equipment necessary. With over 6,000 products available, we offer the most cost-effective solutions, with products ranging from orthotics and bracing to ambulatory assist devices.

Do you accept insurance?

Our focus is on cash pay patients and direct contracts with TPA’s but if needed we do accept some insurances.

How do I receive my medical supplies?

We deliver everything directly to the patient’s home. We offer a direct customer service line where a representative is available to answer any necessary questions. If needed, a representative can also in-service the products at the patient’s home.


Connect DME is now offering sleep studies!

Our mission is to provide transparency and lower cost for all of your medical equipment needs.

We provide value and cost savings to Third Party Administration(TPA) by driving down healthcare cost, providing trackable savings and transparent pricing.


  • Dramatically Lowering Costs for Medical Equipment* & Services Nationwide
  • Providing Administrative Transparency & Equipment Quality at Incredible Prices
  • Directly Supporting Patients, Physicians, Directly Contracted Third Party Administrators (TPA’s) & Employers

“In their effort to help reduce healthcare costs for physicians, TPAs, employers and ultimately patients, Connect DME provides durable medical equipment products at the best possible price.”

We drive down cost for over 6,000 medical products and offer the most cost effective solutions from orthotics and bracing to ambulatory assist devices to CPAP’s and other multiple products.


  • Medical Equipment & Services Include:
    • Joint Braces such as Knee, Ankle, Upper Extremity
    • Respiratory Supports such as CPAP, Bi-PAP & Nebulizer
    • Therapies such as DVT Prevention, Cold & Heat Therapy, CPM Machines
    • Supports such as Knee-Wheelers, Crutches & Wheel Chairs
    • Sleep Studies at Home, in a Facility… Your Choice!